Little treat for Gaga monsters^^


wanted to do them for sooooo long… yisssss. working hard.

From the creator who brought you The Bachelor, heavensims productions has a new, exciting competition in store. 20 unlucky-in-love contestants will move into a house together. One of the other contestants is their perfect match. But can they figure it out before the clock runs out? 
Contestants (and tumblr) will have 10 episodes to figure out all 10 perfect matches.
For the match-up ceremony, tumblr will decide, through a vote, how the contestants will pair off. Whether you submit a sim or not, you can still play along!
After each match-up, I will let everyone know how many matches were made, but not which ones were right.
Further rules to be explained once the competition starts.
Do you have a sim who might just be perfect for this?
Casting Call: 
20 spots available!
10 male sims and 10 female sims.
Also, only vanilla sims. I’m too boring for berry. 
No supernatural/occult sims.
CC is okay though try to keep it essential, not “just because I can”.
If you do use CC, it must be linked and/or included.
I’ll be using my preferred default eye and skin replacements.
.sim files only. I don’t install anything through the launcher.
I have all EPs and most SPs (not HELS, TL, KP, or Movie Stuff)
All sims MUST have at least one of the following traits: Irresistible, Flirty, Commitment Issues or Party Animal. Any other traits are fair game.
Each sim should have a small, accompanying bio please! As with the BC, I’d like to be a bit narrative and I’ll need a good feel for each of the contestants. ( Please do not share your sim’s traits, favorites, star sign, etc in the bio though.)
I would like to have all 20 contestants in 2 weeks (so September 19).
Please message me if you would like a spot (and which gender you’ll be submitting). When your entry is ready, please tag it “heavensims ayto”. I’ll be tagging and tracking that for this challenge (so you can also block them if you don’t want to follow along).
Adaptation from MTV’s reality show of the same name. I thought it would be fun to try with sims.

[SEMLLER] Alexander Wang_Manuels for YA/A Female
3 Recolourable channels
Mesh and textures by me
Package files have higher quality
They require OMSP/Sliders to lift them above ground
DOWNLOAD : Dropbox / Mediafire
Don’t reupload and claim as your own.You may convert only to other Sims games with credit.Please tag #Semller if you use my creations.

Finally,my dashboard is starting to become a “Sims 3 Dashboard” again!

I start playimg the sims 2 again.. I was sooo suprise that after hearing music from radio in the game I felt like a kid again. It just bring sooo many memories.

The Sims 2 = Old but Gold